Product Categories

We cover standard channels commonly covered for fast moving consumer goods, such as modern market channels, wholesalers, retailers. In addition to these channels we provideother channels consisting of HORECA outlets, hair salons, beauty wholesalers and baby shops, which could create the point of difference for our Business Partner’s brands.

  • Pharmaceutical &
  • Hair Salons
  • Baby shops
  • Hotels & Catering Services

Pharmaceutical & OTC

Since its conception, PT DBM has focused its resources to provide distribution services for prescription medicines, and OTC products. PT DBM is committed for continuous improvements in obtaining Good Distribution Practices for all its branches throughout Indonesia.

PT DBM has the capability to handle COLD-CHAIN pharmaceutical products, with a variety of controlled temperature.
We provide our healthcare Business Partners a distribution network covering 7500 pharmacies and 1600 hospitals, 2300 drugstores,  700 convenience stores as well as 4200 modern market outlets.

Hair Salons

PT DBM’s uniqueness lies in the diversity of its channel coverage, and coverage of the hair salons network is one which has set PT DBM apart from many other nationwide distribution companies in Indonesia.

With a wealth of salon database which has been built for more than 30 years of providing services to Indonesian hairdressers throughout the Archipelago, PT DBM network coverage in hair salons is assured to be unparalleled.  PT DBM covers more than 4500 hair salon, 1800 salon wholesalers and cosmetic shops.

Baby Shops

Indonesia is the 4th most populous country in the world with one of the highest growth rate in the world.   PT DBM’s recent expansion of channel coverage to the baby shops was a decision based on our commitment to continuously capturing potentials in the market for our Business Partners.   The baby shops channel adds to our portfolio of channel expansion services, to be explored, and together with our Business Partners’ marketing efforts, we could harness new opportunities in the market.

Hotels & Catering Services

PT DBM began to build its database of Hotel, Restaurant and Catering clients around 20 years ago, to answer the demand from our Business Partners in the food industry and to open more opportunities for their brands.

The growth of Tourism Industry in Indonesia has present many new opportunities for products to not only consider channels which are directly to the consumers, but also business-to-business channels such as HORECA.